Gas Turbine Combustors

Gas Turbine Combustors (21st to 24th Sep 2022)


What you will learn

Course content

Day-1 (21 Sep 2022)
  • Design Considerations and Sizing Methodology (3 hrs) - Vishal Sethi
  • Aeroderivating and large Stationary Gas Turbine Combustor (2 hrs)- Pierre Gautier
  • Combustor Efficieny (2 hrs)- Vishal Sethi

Day-2 (22 Sep 2022)
  • Emissions (2 hrs) - Vishal sethi
  • Low Emissions Comb. design concepts for Stationary Gas Turbines (2 hrs)- Pierre Gautier
  • Contrails (2 hrs) - Devaiah Nalianda
  • Discusions (1 hr) - Devaiah Nalianda/Pierre Gautier/Vishal Sethi

Day-3 (23 Sep 2022)
  • Role of CFD in combustor design and development (2 hrs)- Pierre Gautier
  • Heat Transfer and Cooling (2 hrs) – Vishal Sethi
  • Gas turbine combustor thermoacoustics (2 hrs) - Dave Abbott
  • Combustion challenges- chaning fuel gas composition (1 hr) - Dave Abbott

Day-4 (24 Sep 2022)
  • Gas turbine combustor thermoacoustics (1 hr)- Marco Zedda
  • CFD for aero engine combustor applications (2 hrs) - Marco Zedda
  • Modelling H2 Combustion system (2 hrs) - Vishal Sethi/Pierre Gautier
  • Overview of Cranfield H2 Combustion rigs (1 hr) - Vishal Sethi
  • Discussions (1 hr) - All

Who should attend?

The course is considered to be introductory in content and nature and hence useful for young graduates of engineering, science or mathematics who are starting or have recently started their careers in aero gas turbine installation. An understanding of the basic principles of aero gas turbines underpinning its design, operation and behaviour is essential for this course, with some previous industrial experience desirable.


Hotel Novotel Montréal Aéroport
2599 Boul. Alfred Nobel, Montréal, QC, H4S 2G1
Tel: 514-337-3222 -

Course Fee

Attendees – USD 1750
Students – USD 400

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